About Loxy's Collection


Loxy’s is well known for providing premium quality hair extensions, both in salon and through our range of Loxy’s Collection clip ins. All of our clip in extensions are 100% soft and shiny, premium quality human hair, 20 inches long and 150 grams in weight. You can wash and heat style these as you would with your natural hair (for more information see our FAQ page).


It has always been important at Loxy’s to make sure that our extensions are ethically sourced. We’re happy to support a supplier that sources their hair in a way that we consider ethical, meaning that the women who supply their hair are paid fairly for their time and effort.

Factory conditions are also very important to us. We travelled to our supplier’s factory to ensure that the workers are treated fairly and are working in healthy and safe conditions. We know that this is not always something that you would think about when buying hair extensions online, but we hope to bring more awareness to this subject and to assure our customers that their hair has been ethically sourced.


It is important to us that our packaging is not made from single-use plastic. Our Loxy’s Collection clip in extensions are delivered to you in a reusable bag made from Eco EVA material. EVA is free of many of the toxins found in most plastics and as an added bonus, the bag is endlessly reusable! You can store your Loxy’s Collection clip ins in the bag between uses, or use your new Loxy’s bag as makeup storage or to keep small items together in your purse!

Ease of Use

Most clip in extensions on the market today come in a set of between 7-10 pieces. These can be time-consuming to apply, and harder to hide amongst your natural hair. Loxy’s Collection clip ins are a unique 3-piece set, making application quick and easy (see our application guide here!). There are two large wefts of hair with 5 clips each, measuring 27.5cm long, which generally wrap from ear to ear. There is also one smaller weft with 3 clips, measuring 15cm long.

Many Loxy’s customers find that for day to day use, they only need one or two of the set to achieve natural length and volume. It’s easy to then pop the third clip in to amp up your style for a night out or special occasion! Having your extensions pre-styled can also make getting ready in the morning quick and easy, meaning that you can just clip them in and go!

Caring for clip ins:

Caring for your Loxy’s clip in hair extensions!

Follow these instructions to get the best out of your clips ins.


Before washing, detangle your extensions by brushing from the ends to the roots. We recommend using a tangle teezer to prevent breakage.

Wash your extensions with the water flowing from the top of the extensions (where the clips are) towards the ends. It’s best to hold the clips all together (or tie in a hair tie) to ensure they don’t get matted.

Wash your extensions using high quality shampoo and conditioner that is protein/keratin free.

Shampoo the extensions in a downward motion and without too much vigour. Don’t twist or scrub the hair, just comb the product through gently with your fingers. Rinse and repeat with conditioner.

Gently squeeze out any excess water, and pat dry with a towel. Before styling, apply some heat protection serum evenly throughout the hair. Dry and style as required.


Store your extensions flat in the sleeve you’ve been provided with.

Loxy’s don’t accept responsibility for hair that is coloured, or altered after purchase.  If you’d like the extensions coloured we suggest performing a strand test on a small section of the hair first.

To be kind to your natural hair, be sure not to pull at the extension attachments when they’re in your hair. If you brush or style them while they’re in your hair, hold where the clips are positioned and gently brush/style.

Applying clip ins:

To apply your extensions:

  1. Section your hair where you’d like to attach the clip ins.
  2. If you’d like a super secure grip, gently backcomb the root area where you’ll be attaching the clips
  3. Pop open the clips
  4. Place the clips into the back combed section, and snap shut
  5. Continue until all desired sections have been attached
  6. Check that the clips feel secure, and that they’re not pinching or pulling. If they are, re-clip until they feel secure and comfortable
  7. Style your natural hair and extensions as required