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    Scroll down to read what our amazing clients have to say about us....


    The team at Loxy's are by far the most amazing hairdresser and extension parlour I've been to. Before being introduced to Kate and her team I had tried many other high end hair salons in the Auckland region. Besides being utterly amazing at caring for your hair and meeting your needs exactly as you explain them, the salon has a great inviting vibe; the kid of place you relax comfortably for hours. And now thanks to Kate and her team my hair is so long, that's how long it takes to colour it. I have tried many treatments, had extensions and had my hair cut and coloured many times at Loxy's over the past two years all exceeding my expectations. I won't let anyone other than Amy cut or colour my hair, and am so grateful to them for resolving my previous hair issues which included split ends, dry and damaged hair.

    Millie Elder-Holmes


    Not only are they super talented, kind, creative, motivating and beautiful inside and out... the team at Loxy's make you feel like part of the family. They deserve every success that is coming their way. I know if is no mistake that so many of my friends and people in the industry have trusted Kate and her team to look after their locks.

    Kimberley Crossman


    From my very first time into the Loxy's salon I was officially addicted - always such a treat coming to see you, for the laughs and atmosphere as well as the amazing hair!

    Leah Light


    Four years ago I received a phone call that is every parents worst nightmare, my twelve year old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer.

    Almost two years in hospital and chemo took its toll on her and our family, losing her hair was one of the hardest things for her to deal with. As she was given the all clear from the hospital her hair slowly started to return, it was quite thin and short. We started looking for hair extensions, we went to various places and all that was offered were harsh glue or braiding options, as her hair was still so fragile we were both unhappy with the damage this would cause, so I went home and googled hair extensions, that's when we first saw Loxys.

    I rang that day and made our first appointment. I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are we found you! The very hair-friendly way your extensions work has been a god send! Even though we did think we may get a little bit of damage, it sounded nothing like the other options! There has been none! Her hair has gone from strength to strength and looks so natural, if you didn't know you would never guess! Now she is sixteen and has amazing beautiful long hair! Thanks to Loxys!

    So my point, is to thank you, thank you so much! You are not only the lady we go to see to have extensions done and looked after, but are wonderfully friendly and professional, I could not recommend you highly enough!

    Thank you so much for everything you have done for us :)
    We are looking forward to being a long standing Loxys client!!!!



    _Ever since I wanted extensions I decided I wanted to get them done at Loxys(about 2years ago now). They seemed like the best place to go as they don't use heating or glue to damage your hair. I finally moved up north close enough to drive there and get them done for my birthday. I absolutely love them and would recommend anyone to get them done here. I know my hair won't be ruined and the quality hair they use is amazing!! Kate is so nice and knows exactly what she's doing. the studio is also so cool and peaceful and I found it so nice going there and getting them done :) she gives you a booklet on maintenance which is very handy for knowing how to look after them!! Overall I loved everything about them :) and am so pleased I chose loxys!!
    Thank you so much Kate!! Alice



    I just wanted to write and say how much I LOVE the new spray tan product Kate has at Loxy's. Being Irish (and yes, oh so white) I am always a little self conscious for the first couple of weeks on the beach in summer. I have tried lots of fake tan products in my time (I'm old, as well as Irish) and I think I have finally landed on a winner. The first time I tried the product, I used the pHenomenal mousse, I tried the medium and it gave a lovely golden natural tan. It was so easy to put on and there was absolutely no streaking and no patchy bits. The tan lasted me about two weeks and by that time it had faded out to a nice natural looking base tan. It faded really evenly. I just reapplied and got another two weeks out of it. The bottle lasted quite a while for me, altogether I got about 4 full body applications out of it, so great value for money too.

    The day before I left for my Christmas holidays to Fiji, I asked Kate to do a spray tan for me using the Vita Liberata. I was a little worried about how it would look when I was going to be in and out of the sea water every day, putting sun cream on it, sunbathing etc. But I had nothing to worry about, basically I went from having a fake tan to having a real tan without even noticing to be honest. I was responsible in the sun and wore lots of factor 30 so I never got burned. I never even noticed the fake tan fading off. In fact I couldn't even tell you if it has faded off completely because it has blended so well with my own tan.

    Once this real tan starts fading, I'll be back to Kate for a top up. I absolutely love the product and I can't recommend it enough. Great value for money and great results all round. Thanks Kate!




    I feel incredibly lucky to have found Kate and Loxys. I suffered from alopecia throughout my teens and early twenties and needed to wear a wig for six years. Around a year and a half ago my hair grew back, but instead of the thick long hair I had dreamed of, my hair grew back sparse and thin. I felt extremely self-conscious about my appearance, but with such weak hair, weaves and glued in extensions were never an option for me. I spent a lot of time researching on the internet to try and find a solution and that’s how I came across the Loxys website.
    When I went for a consultation with Kate my confidence in my appearance was at an all-time low and little thing like socialising with friends would make me feel very anxious. I was immediately put at ease by Kate’s vast knowledge of extensions and extension techniques as well as the passion she showed for her work. Kate assessed that her extensions would work on my hair and we put them in that very day. I have been wearing extensions and going for maintenance appointments with Kate for the last nine months and I am incredibly pleased with the results. I am so lucky that I had extensions put in by someone who cares so much about her customers. Kate is always checking in via text and is there to answer all of my endless little questions. It is due to her attention to detail that my extensions are still in perfect condition nine months after they were put in. I highly recommend Kate and Loxys. I am so grateful for all that Kate has done for me and I only wish I had met her sooner!


    I offered to write a testimonial for Kate as I was very impressed by her service.  I first approached Kate a few months ago, initially just for some advice.  Unfortunately I had some terrible hair extensions put in by a different company and was desperate for some help and a second opinion!  Kate kindly offered me a free consultation and she was fantastic!  I have since taken the other extensions out and had Kate put new hair in for me - I could tell after the first wash that the hair was much better quality and a lot easier to manage! Kate also provides you with information on how to care for the extensions which I think is very important.
    The thing that impressed me the most about Kate is her fantastic customer service - she is friendly, helpful and very easy to deal with.  It is obvious that she genuinely cares for her clients.  She is always quick to respond to your queries which is great. To anyone out there who has thought about getting hair extensions but have had their doubts - I would highly recommend booking in a consultation with Kate!  I am very fussy when it comes to my hair so I wouldn't write a testimonial if I wasn't 100% happy. I am definitely a satisfied client who will continue to see Kate on a regular basis for the maintenance of my extensions.

    During my last maintenance appointment Kate asked me to write a testimonial,I instantly accepted as I cannot preach enough about Kate and her work. I have had my extensions for almost 6 months now and I still adore them. They look very natural and I constantly get compliments on how long and healthy my hair looks. Even close friends did not guess I had extensions. If I do let them in on my secret they instantly want to feel the hair and get as much information and possible.
    I had wanted extensions for over 3 years but they have never been affordable for my budget. Kate offers an extremely affordable option, which I also believe to be the best for your natural hair.
    Kate offers great advice and listened to the endless list of questions I had. I took all of her recommendations on board and truly believe that to be why my extensions have lasted so well and still look amazing. I use a loop brush, Argan oil based shampoo, conditioner and pure Argan oil.

    The style options are endless and they make every outfit look 10 times better. My current fav is the "Kim Kardashian" middle part with soft curls. The extensions dry with a natural wave as my own hair does and holds curls fantastically. And more hair means, what every girl wants.... more volume!
    Kate is truly an extremely talented extension professional! Who has not only fulfilled my dream of having extensions but saved me hundreds of dollars. I always look forward to my appointments and having a catch up. Once you have stepped one foot into the Loxys salon you will never look back.

    I have had hair extensions since June 2010 and have tried a few techniques in my time. The keratin extensions, although beautiful and of superb quality are just so expensive and I simply don’t earn enough money to budget for them. The traditional weave, although a much cheaper option is just not of good quality at all and appears unnatural, as well as feels unnatural too. When I saw Loxy’s branded Suzuki Swift in Ponsonby a month or so ago I was attracted to the tagline  100% Human Hair Extensions without gluing or braiding. I emailed her as soon as I got home and the very next day I had booked in a consultation with Kate. Kate is a fantastic representative of the brand and she gives good, solid, honest advice which is so greatly appreciated when it comes to your hair  you want to know the truth! The Loxy’s hair extension technique is painless and quick, and it looks fantastic, never before have I received so many positive comments on my hair. I finally feel like I have found a hair extensions technique that works for me and fits within my budget, that also looks great and comes with a friendly expert (Kate) who is just such a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Loxy’s to everyone who is considering getting extensions :) Melanie


    I have been so desperate for long and beautiful hair for years.  My hair just never seems to grow, I was platinum blonde when I started using clip in hair extensions (the platinum blonde over time began thinning out my hair and damaging it).  I then I decided to give my hair a rest so I went chocolate brown.  I bought some new clip ins and of course I loved them, but I then got to the point where I was desperate to have permanently long hair but knew it’d take years to grow. I started doing some research on permanent hair extensions, so many people had warned me away from them because of the many horror stories they had heard about hair falling out.  Then I came across Loxy's Hair Boutique, I was really interested in Kate's technique. The testimonials sounded wonderful so I went to meet her; she was absolutely lovely- I knew straight away that she would look after my hair and I could see that she puts her clients first.
    The very next day I was booked in, the extensions were put in, I now LOVE my hair!  It looks amazing, feels completely comfortable and at the same time my hair can continue to grow without being damaged.  I completely recommend Kate and the technique she uses.  Thank you so much for fixing my once extremely troubled hair!!! Michelle

    I had pondered the thought of getting hair extensions for a very long time.  I previously lived in the gold coast where it seemed that everyone had long luscious hair, and I craved the same. I went to consultations and came so close to getting permanent extensions a few times but would get turned off by horror stories from friends of friends, or seeing a girl on the street with mattered up extensions, or a girl with visible joins showing all over her scalp.  I was eventually too scared to end up with the same. By chance recently I was lucky enough to come across Kate at Loxys and at first got some of the clip in hair extensions.  I loved the clip ins and was so surprised at how amazing the hair was, so soft and full of shine, sad to say that it was probably in better condition than my own, and the colour was an amazing match surprisingly.  My own hair is a mix/match of a lil red, a lil brown and a lil blonde, and the chocolate coloured extensions Kate had were an exact match believe it or not!
    Kate had fully explained the unique technique for putting the extensions in permanently and it took away all of the earlier fears I had for getting permanent extensions. So after a month of having my clip ins, I stopped procrastinating and had Kate make my extensions permanent. I absolutely love my extensions and am so glad I finally got them.  I have had them in permanently for a further 2 months and they are still in amazing condition.  Iv had one maintenance visit and it was great.  Very quick and easy, and Kate is an amazing person to deal with. She is always available, super helpful and honest, and just a genuinely friendly and awesome person!
    Love Loxy’s and would not go anywhere else, nor would I let anyone I know go elsewhere!


    I have been getting extensions for 9 years now. In this time i have tried a lot of different techniques including the traditional weave method, bonds, micro links and skin wefts. All of these techniques have caused damage to my natural hair. When I first went to Loxy's i was unsure of what to expect, I had been religiously getting the traditional weave method for about 4 years before I went to Loxy's so was apprehensive about trying something new. I found the Mirco-weave technique that Loxy's use is completely painless, very quick, and also I found that I had the full volume of my natural hair as apposed to the traditional weave method where up to 30% of the hair was hidden in cornrows, making my natural hair look thin not to mention the large unnatural looking bumps the cornrows made. Lastly and most importantly the micro-weave method is healthy for my hair, there is no glue or tension on my hair and my hairdresser has told me that this is by far the most healthy technique for my natural hair, no one can even tell that I have extensions as the technique has a natural look, the weaves sit flat on my head. My hair has grown a lot and is thicker since I have started getting micro-weaves. I am so pleased and would never consider going back to any of the other methods. So if you are wanting a natural looking, painless, low maintenance method of extension application that isn't going to damage your hair then head to Loxy's.

    What a lovely email to receive from a new client.... The very next day I went to the hairdresser to have it shaped & shortened a bit, plus my roots redone to make sure it all looked its best.  The comments since - boys and girls, friends and colleagues alike love the transformation!  Everyone’s asked where I had it done, so I have passed your card and brochure on to quite a few so far with friends of friends looking for a solution to finding a head of beautiful hair too. Kate, I cannot tell you how much confidence this new hair has given me. Funny, I never thought it was a big a deal as it turns out it was for me.  I've gone from a near bald old lady to someone that has a new lease on life  all because of you and the lovely gifts you have given me. I wish I'd found you earlier! I am absolutely sure that I will have your extensions for as long as I can, forgoing everything else if I ever had to, and you have a customer for life! Hugs and with sincere appreciation, Chrissy.


    I had short hair for years and I loved it, but I missed my long locks and having hair to put up and curl. When I heard about Loxy's and their amazing technique of putting the hair extensions in I was sold. Both Kate and Susie were very professional, made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions with honesty and integrity.
    My beautiful and long hair looks completely natural no one knows the difference and I don't either. They look gorgeous and are really easy to maintain. Best of all I can Curl put up and straighten my hair with no worries, because I can treat my extensions the exact same way I do my own hair.
    I have complete confidence in Kate because of their extensive knowledge and attention to detail. With Loxy's hair extensions I have a renewed confidence in my appearance ,which transcends to my everyday life. My monthly appointments with Kate could hardly be called appointments, it was more a friendly catch up where I walked out feeling happy and confident. I will be a life long friend of Loxy's Hair Boutique. Dayna.

    I used to have long curly hair until I went to a hairdresser for a trim and she ended up cutting off a whole lot! I was devastated as my long hair is what made me feel beautiful and feminine, so when I heard about Loxy's hair extensions I just had to give them a try. I couldn't be happier. I've had my extensions in for three months now and I am absolutely in love! They look completely natural and have blended really well with my curly hair.
    I've also found that the condition of my natural hair has improved drastically since I've had the extensions in because I've been taking such good care of them. I always look forward to my visits with Kate, she is complete gem and is always happy to answer any questions I've had regarding my extensions. The confidence I now have and the compliments I get have made my Loxy's hair extensions well worth every penny! Sophie.


    I have naturally curly hair and had a disastrous haircut about two years ago. My hair has taken ages to grow back and I wanted to have long, lustrous hair for my wedding in February. I was so happy with the fact that Kate was so understanding about an issue which is really sensitive for me and was thrilled that the extensions look so natural and blend with my hair so well. Kate is also really lovely and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I feel so much more confident about my hair now and am thrilled that I can finally have the hair I want without costing me the earth!!! Hannah

    I thank the lord for Loxy everyday. I have wanted long, luscious locks all my life but my naturally thick hair never seemed to grow beyond the shoulder. Kate did thorough research to ensure the best quality hair was sourced and imported and the colour match was spot on. Not only is Kate highly professional and provides expert advice but she is great to deal with and ensured that in my 8th month of pregnancy, she used a safe and effective hair extension technique. I'm so impressed by Loxy's service and highly recommend it to everyone on the search for their dream hair. Gabi, Public Relations Consultant and new mum.