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    Kate Jarrett - Director/Hair extension specialist

    I suppose I have a bit of a funny story that leads me to where I am today! I'm the Owner/Director here at Loxy's and never in a million years saw myself doing this every day! My background is the corporate world, I had jobs... a lot of jobs. Many jobs and none of them that really fulfilled me. That's until Loxy's was born...

    I have a great passion for hair extensions after having them myself for 8 years. Initially I had the traditional weave technique, I used to dread having my hair done because it was so painful and time consuming, but at the same time I was absolutely over the moon with the results and finally being able to have the volume and length I had always wanted. I then came across a technician who used this micro-weave technique that was quick and painless to have put in. I eventually trained to do it myself (close to 7 years ago now) and haven't looked back since. I believe this micro-weave technique is by far the best hair extensions technique available and am very passionate about it! I've since trained in 5 more methods however only chosen to practice the micro weft system, which I wholeheartedly believe is the best for your locks. 

    Everything that we do at Loxy's is about being kind to your natural hair and taking a holistic approach to your hair which is why we feel so strongly about staying away from gluing/tapes/braiding. This also includes our clean colour range, O&M.

    Although I don't have a background in hairdressing, I have extensive experience in customer facing roles, and one of the things I have noticed the most in this industry is that people seem to have lost sight of how important their customers are. They have lost sight of good old fashioned, amazing customer service. It’s something we strive to do differently at Loxy’s every day! We also operate with integrity. We're not out to make money over doing the right thing by you. We'll give you the best and most honest advice every single time, even if it means not making a sale.

    From literally a shack out the front of my house, to a salon on Ponsonby Road, and now Wellington! Loxy's has gone from strength to strength in such a short space of time and that's thanks to our incredible clients and amazing team. I look forward to welcoming you into my salon and having you meet my fantastic team... they're the best and totally live and breathe the Loxy’s brand. I'm sure you'll love them just as much as I do!


    Katie Hook - Stylist/Creative Director

    Katie has a wealth of experience within the hairdressing world and joined us in October 2014 after nearly ten years working amongst the best of the best at a salon in Ponsonby. Coming to Loxy's was a massive change for her, which she's embraced and is totally in her element! 

    Katie's been fortunate enough to travel the world with hairdressing and loves that her job gives her the ability to do so!

    She's a fan of strong cuts and bright colours, and is constantly changing her locks. 

    She's a recent convert to extensions after being firmly against them for years. She's found clients with our Loxy's method have managed to keep their natural hair healthy in amongst the extensions and has even had some applied to her own hair for volume! 

    Katie is the queen of all things cuts and colours.


    Amy Phengsavath - Stylist

    Amy Phengsavath, one of our amazing Loxy's stylists, has been in the hairdressing industry for 9 years. Previously working in one of the top salons in Auckland. Amy has a great passion for hair, fashion and makeup. As a specialist colourist, stylist and makeup artist - she takes her inspiration from what's currently on the runway. She has worked on all 3 cycles of New Zealands Next Top Model, NZ Fashion Week, styled plenty of photoshoots and also a team member as a colourist that won Loreal Colour Trophy Salon of the Year 2011!

    Amy has extensive knowledge of hair extensions, after training in the Great Lengths method. She specialises in colouring, cutting and hair ups styling and extensions. Amy has become well known for her colour work and styling of the hair.  Amy is so caring towards her clients and has an infectious personality! After working in such a big successful salon she has noticed the customer service in the industry has dropped. She loves being there for the clients for the whole service right from the start to the end. She is the ultimate perfectionist and committed to offering her clients a total experience!

    Amy is a pro in all things hairdressing as well as hair extensions!


    Georgina Kelly - Stylist 

    Georgina joins us from the UK where she trained and developed a great love for her choice of career. Her journey to becoming a Senior Stylist began when she took a part-time job in a local salon while still in school. She fell in love with the salon environment and after noticing her skill, her employers offered her the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship.

    Her passion for all things hair has never faltered and after arriving in New Zealand we’re grateful that she's found her way to Loxy’s. We think it’s a match made in hair heaven!

    Georgina was lucky to find her calling so young and her love of hairdressing is inspiring. She’s continued to learn and grow and is very skilled in many extension techniques and an absolute whizz with colour. Her love for extensions was what drew her to Loxy’s!

    Not only super creative in the salon, Georgina’s creativity fills all facets of her life, she’s also a keen photographer, loves to travel and meet new people, something that she’s very grateful her job has allowed her to do. We’re so happy to have Georgina as a part of our team and can’t wait for all our wonderful clients to meet her!

    Georgina will take care of all you extension and hairdressing needs.


    Kelsey Limbrick - Stylist 

    We feel so SUPER lucky to have Kelsey join the Loxy’s family!  Having been trained by one of our very own, it’s been the perfect transition. Kelsey honed her skills and perfected her craft at one of Auckland's most exclusive, top salons and is now ready to explore the world of extensions while continuing to practice all things hairdressing!  Kelsey has been hairdressing for 7 years, is super passionate about her colour work and loves big transformations!  When she isn't taking care of all your extension and hairdressing needs Kelsey can be found whipping up a storm in the kitchen, out on a bush walk or getting her groove on at a random gig!
    While immersing herself in the Loxy’s extension technique Kelsey is the sweetest breathe of fresh air and the PERFECT addition to our Loxy’ s family.  


    Tessa Burlison - Stylist 

    Tessa started her apprenticeship straight out of school at the tender age of 15 and fell in love with it right away.  She has now been in this amazing industry for 8 years! 

    Tessa absolutely loves big transformations, has a flair for hugely creative colour work and goes above and beyond for her clients ensuring they feel amazing walking out of the salon.  She recently told me her mission was "to rid the hairdressing world of the stigma that stylists 'never listen'"  We think she is just the person to do it!

    Another lady for baking her ideal Saturday night is filled with home baking and scary movies.  She has a huge passion for tattoos, art and is a huge animal lover.  We just know you'll love this creative superstar as much as we do!


    Eric Hine - Stylist 

    Finally Loxy's in Auckland has some male blood on the team!  Eric Hine is the lucky man that gets to spend most of his time surrounded by us Loxy's Ladies and we think he fits in just perfectly!
    Eric has been hairdressing for 6 years and loves how the industry is constantly growing and changing.  He loves being kept on his toes, constantly learning and striving to be the best!  He loves being in this industry as he gets such a kick out of feeling inspired, something our whole team gets to feel every single day!  Just like all the team he is an avid foodie and can often be heard in the back room belting out some of his fave James Brown tunes.  
    Eric is passionate about big transformations so if you're keen for a big chop or colour change Eric is your man!  

    Carly Ryan - Administration Manager


    The amazing Carly comes to us from London, England with 8 years of hairdressing experience under her belt and a whole lot of positive energy! After deciding to switch it up, this fun-loving gal now runs our admin and reception in Auckland and keeps us all moving!

    Anyone who knows Carly knows she is yoga obsessed and is a total coffee addict, and her bright smile is sure to draw all eyes in any room. We are so glad to have this girl around full time to keep us laughing and smiling!


    Shayal Swamy - Salon Assistant

    One of our amazing admin gals Shayal works part time and helps keep the salon running smoothly and makes sure we are all having fun!

    Hailing from Fiji and coming to us with a diverse past, including being a flight attendant for Fiji Airlines and being an early childhood teacher aid, Shayal has so much to offer to our Auckland salon. Currently studying at Servilles Academy to become a hairdresser, Loxy's is the perfect place for Shayal!

    Shayal can be found at the salon on Wednesday nights and Saturdays to help you with all your appointment needs!


    Harata Sidney - Salon Assistant

    Our Maori beauty Harata, also in the salon part time, is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever she is around! 

    Working previously at a Maori art gallery as well as Ta Moko tattoo studio, this gal loves to show off her creative and colourful side, especially when it comes to vibrant hair! Passionate about her family history and the history of her country, Harata is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Maori Studies outside of work. 

    Harata loves helping others, and is in the salon on Thursday nights and Fridays to help with any bookings or inquiries you may have!