Hair Extensions - FAQ's

Q: How long does it take to put the hair in?

A: Depending on the amount of hair, it can take between 45 minutes to an hour to initially put the hair in.


Q: I'm not really interested in achieving extra length, only volume. Are hair extensions still suitable for me?

A: Absolutely! People get caught up in the word 'extensions'. Obviously traditionally hair extensions are used to extend the length of your hair, however they are also perfect in achieving volume and body. If this is what you are after we can have the hairdresser cut to match your natural hair's length and style.


Q: How long does the hair last?

A: The Loxy's guarantee covers 3 months however with the correct care the hair should be able to last a significant amount longer than this. On average clients get between 9-12 months and some, even longer!


Q: How long does it take to maintain my extensions and what does this involve?

A: Maintenance generally takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Maintenance involves removing the micro rings and replacing them and pulling the wefts up to make them tighter. You will need to have your extensions maintained every 5-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.


Q: Does it take extra time to look after my extensions at home and do I need extra products for this?

A: It does take extra time to blow dry and straighten your hair simply because there is more of it. We suggest using a few products to add extra life to your extensions. Firstly, a heat protector, to prevent damage from blow drying and straightening. Our experts also suggest using a leave in conditioner (as the extensions don't get oils from your head they are prone to becoming dry without extra moisture). Personally, we wouldn't recommend getting hair extensions without using the Eleven Miracle Treatment. This drastically improves the quality of your extensions as well as acting as a heat and chemical protector. We can suggest some great products without the huge price tag! Additionally, we ask our clients not to use any other brushes apart from a tangle teaser brush (which is available for purchase), that doesn’t pull and damage the extensions.


Q: Can I just use my normal shampoo and conditioner?

A: You can use your normal conditioner if it doesn’t contain silicone, as this can cause the clips to slip. Your shampoo needs to be sulphate free. Sulphate is the agent that foams up the shampoo, and it can effectively dissolve your extensions. Sulphate free shampoos are easy to find and not hugely expensive. Loxy’s recommends Angel Haircare’s range of shampoo and conditioner which are sulphate and paraben free. It's also imperative that you stay away from products with any kind of keratin or protein in them.


Q: Will I need to dye the extensions after they are put in?

A: We can generally get a great colour match for your extensions however when you have multiple colours in your hair it can start getting more difficult to match. Blondes with numerous colours especially can be difficult to match. This is something that can be discussed in your consultation.


Q: Will I need to cut the hair after it's put in?

A: To make sure your extensions look as natural as possible Loxy's always suggest having them blended (cut into a style to match your natural hair). This is more important with shorter, thicker and more layered natural hair. 


Q: I'd like hair extensions but would prefer the flexibility of being able to take them in and out rather than having them permanently, do you have any other options?

A: We also stock clip in hair extensions, which are a quick and easy way to transform your look and are very easy to put in and take out.  Head to our online shop to see our range of clip ins and products.

You can also contact us with any other questions you may have and check out our gallery or testimonials page to see what our clients have to say.