Our permanent (microweft) extension technique is a combination of the traditional weave and the micro ring technique. This means that the extensions are put in without the use of glue or braiding in your natural hair (which can be very painful and damaging!).

Basically the microweft technique involves wefts of hair held in with small, silicone lined copper beads. The extensions sit comfortably/flat against your head, and your own hair is able to fall out (as it naturally does). The extensions will grow away from your scalp over time as your natural hair grows, which is why you will need to come into the salon every 4-6 weeks for a maintenance appointment, where we move the extensions closer to your scalp.

Would you prefer extensions with the flexibility to be able to take them in and out as needed? Our clip in extensions are the perfect non-permanent solution, and are clipped in quickly and easily at home! You simply need to section your hair, starting close to the nape of your neck, and clip each extension in using the silicone lined clips. See here for more information about applying Loxy’s Collection clip ins!

Depending on the amount of hair, it can take between 45 minutes to an hour to initially put the hair in.

We guarantee your Loxy’s permanent hair extensions for three months from the date that you have them applied. In saying that, we have many clients who regularly get 12+ months from each set of extensions that they have applied in salon! It all comes down to how well you look after them.

When it comes time to replace your old hair extensions and have a new set applied, we will donate your old extensions to the Sustainable Salons initiative, who will take the hair and use it to make wigs for those in need.

Yes! All of our extensions are 100% human hair, meaning that you can wash, dry and style them just as you would your natural hair. We can also colour/tone hair extensions, although we don’t recommend lightening them as the results can be a little unpredictable.

We offer two types of hair extensions at Loxy’s, permanent and clip in. Our permanent (micro weft) extensions are applied to your natural hair with silicone-lined micro rings, and stay in your hair for 4-6 weeks before needing to be maintained in the salon. At your maintenance appointment, the extensions are taken out and then re-applied closer your scalp, as they grow out over time with your natural hair. Our permanent extensions can be taken out at any time, and with proper care we find that the hair itself can last for up to a year before needing to be replaced (the time they last for can vary client to client).

Our clip in extensions are perfect for a special occasion, or for someone that doesn’t want to commit to permanent extensions. You can apply these yourself at home, they clip into your hair with silicone-lined clips, and need to be taken out before sleeping, exercising, swimming etc.

Absolutely! People get caught up in the word 'extensions'. Obviously traditionally hair extensions are used to extend the length of your hair, however they are also perfect in achieving volume and body. If this is what you are after we can have the hairdresser cut to match your natural hair's length and style.

Having hair cut regret? We totally get it! Whether you can put extensions in short hair really depends on how short your hair is to start with and how much length you are wanting to achieve. We recommend at least a good few inches of hair growth to ensure that the tops of the extension wefts can be covered by your natural hair. It’s important to remember that the shorter your hair is, the shorter your extensions will be! For example, if you have a shoulder length bob, you may only be able to gain an inch or two of length with your extensions as anything longer than that would look unnatural.

Your best bet is a free consultation with one of our experienced stylists, who can assess where your hair is at and make a recommendation.

Hair extensions are actually a great solution for people with fine/thin hair who are looking for more volume! Many of our clients have fine hair and are looking for volume rather than length. As long as your fine/thin hair is not caused by an underlying medical condition and you follow our aftercare and maintenance advice, extensions are an amazing option! A consult and scalp assessment is the best place to start to see if they’re suitable for you.

As with anything, there is a risk of damage to your hair with hair extensions if they aren’t cared for correctly. Hair loss or damage occurs in rare situations such as:

• Going too long between maintenance appointments. As your hair grows, some of it will naturally fall out. This means that over time, there is less of your natural hair holding onto the hair extension weft. This causes stress on your hair and scalp, which left unattended will cause damage. We recommend going no longer than 4-6 weeks between maintenance appointments.

• Tying your hair up too tightly while wearing extensions. This causes strain on your natural hair and scalp which can lead to hair loss or damage.

• Brushing incorrectly. It’s important that you are using the correct brush on your extensions to reduce the risk of pulling on your natural hair! We also recommend brushing your hair from the bottom up, separating the rows of extensions to ensure no knotting between the wefts. You can also lightly hold the top of the weft when brushing to ensure that there is no pulling.

• Pre existing or new medical conditions that contribute to hair loss.

Maintenance generally takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Maintenance involves removing the micro rings and replacing them and pulling the wefts up to make them tighter. You will need to have your extensions maintained every 5-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

It does take extra time to blow dry and straighten your hair simply because there is more of it. We suggest using a few products to add extra life to your extensions.

Firstly, a heat protector, to prevent damage from blow drying and straightening. Our experts also suggest using a leave in conditioner (as the extensions don't get oils from your head they are prone to becoming dry without extra moisture). Personally, we wouldn't recommend getting hair extensions without using the Eleven Miracle Treatment or the Beauty Dust Nourish leave in conditioner. This drastically improves the quality of your extensions as well as acting as a heat and chemical protector. We can suggest some great products without the huge price tag!

Additionally, we ask our clients not to use any other brushes apart from a Tangle Teaser brush or Beauty Dust Boar Bristle Brush (which are both available for purchase), as they doesn’t pull and damage the extensions.

Our permanent (Microweft) extensions can for the most part be treated just like your natural hair! This means that you can wash, dry and style them as you normally would (making sure that you are using a high quality, protein and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner). Washing your hair with extensions in can take a little longer than you might be used to, and we recommend being very gentle with your hair while washing (e.g. don’t scrub the shampoo through your hair as you may end up with knotting).

You can also wear your microweft extensions while swimming. We always recommend that you tie your extensions back in a low braid while doing so to prevent knotting, and make sure that you wash your hair after swimming to remove any salt water or pool chemicals. Chemicals such as chlorine can occasionally react with your hair extensions and alter their colour (especially if you are blonde) so keep this in mind when swimming in chlorinated pools.

Our clip in extension range cannot be worn while showering, swimming, exercising or sleeping.

Your extensions don’t get the natural oils from your head and therefore don’t need to be washed as much as your own does. Washing them every day will cause them to deteriorate faster. Aim to wash them twice a week where possible and if required wash the top part of your head only and tie the extensions back, or use dry shampoo.

Use only a good quality gentle shampoo and conditioner. Avoid supermarket products and especially products that contain parabens as these can interfere with the extensions. Some that we recommend are some in the the Davines or Kevin Murphy ranges which are available at Loxy’s. Ask your stylist which ones are suitable to use on your extensions.

Avoid using conditioner on the scalp and conditioners with high levels of silicone in them as this may cause slipping of the rings. When washing your hair be gentle and comb shampoo and conditioner through it with your fingers rather than ‘scrunching’ it into your head.

We can generally get a great colour match for your extensions however when you have multiple colours in your hair it can start getting more difficult to match. Blondes with numerous colours especially can be difficult to match. This is something that can be discussed in your consultation.

To make sure your extensions look as natural as possible Loxy's always suggest having them blended (cut into a style to match your natural hair). This is more important with shorter, thicker and more layered natural hair.

The short answer to this is yes, they can be! However there are many things that can influence the price of hair extensions, one being the time that it takes to apply them! Our micro weft method only takes an hour to apply or maintain (in comparison to some methods of hair extensions that can take many hours to apply and maintain). This makes the micro weft method not only cost effective but also means you don’t need to book out an entire day at the salon to have them applied!

The other factor to consider is the quality and sourcing of the hair. Unfortunately at this time there is no global standard for the sourcing and quality of extensions, which can make it tricky to figure out which kind of extensions you should go for. We’re proud to know every step of our supply chain and feel extremely comfortable with the fair sourcing of our extensions, and the factory environment of the workers who process them.