Colour Matching Guide

It can sometimes be a little tricky to decide what colour hair extensions are right for you! We’ve put together this guide to help you decide which of our Loxy’s Collection extensions will be the perfect match for your hair. 

Still not sure? Please email us at with a photo of your hair in natural light and one of our stylists will be in touch to help you out!




#1 – Noir

Noir is a true flat black shade with no warm tones. Perfect for those of you with the darkest of dark hair, with no brown undertone.


#1B – Deep Dark

Deep Dark is a step lighter than Noir, it is still a very dark shade but has a deep brunette undertone to it. If you have very dark hair that looks warmer in natural light, then deep dark will be the right shade for you.


#2 – Coco

Coco is a deep chocolate brown shade, as the name suggests! A step lighter and warmer again than Deep Dark, Coco is a medium/deep brunette with a warm undertone.


#4/8 – Java

Java is a blended tone that is a gorgeous mixture of medium brown and warmer, golden brown tones.


#6/22 – Bronde

A multi tonal medium blonde shade with warm caramel tones running through it. The perfect bronde when Java is too dark and Boho is too light.


#8/613 – Boho

Boho is one of our multi-tonal blonde shades that matches 9/10 blondies who wear it! It is quite a warm toned blonde with very light blonde highlights running through it.  


#9/613 – Pearl

Pearl is our cool toned multi-tonal blonde. If your hair falls on the ashier side of blonde, Pearl could be a great match for you. It is a mix of a cool toned dark blonde with light blonde highlights running though.

#60 – Blondie

Blondie is the lightest blonde shade available from Loxy’s Collection. Best described as an ultra light buttery blonde shade, this colour can be toned by your hairstylist to match even the lightest blonde locks.

#16/60 – Vanilla

Vanilla is our lightest blended blonde shade. A light buttery blonde with slightly warmer blonde tones running through it, this shade is blendable with very light blonde hair that has a hint of warmth to it.


#30 – Sahara

Sahara is the newest addition to the Loxy’s Collection family. This is a super warm, rich copper shade which is a great match for natural red heads and a great base colour for more vibrant copper and red toned hair.